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PPC Interview Questions and Answers 2015

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Paid Marketing is one the crucial marketing strategy in Digital Marketing. To implement Paid Marketing strategy in Google AdWords, one must have in depth understanding of the theoretical and practical implementation using the interface. Below are the most commonly asked questions in Search Engine Marketing (PPC/Mobile/Display)

What is difference between direct marketing and branding ? 

In a direct marketing campaign the advertiser is interested to target the audience who are most relevant to the business. The major metric to consider in this type is conversion rate, which explains about ROI. Most common campaign types are Search Network Only, Shopping Campaigns, Dynamic Search Ads etc.

In Branding campaign an advertiser needs exposure of his brand on major sites and applications. The most popular methods are Display Ads, Remarketing, Youtube Ads and custom ads target.

Which settings cannot be changed after the AdWords account is created ?

Time Zone and Currency cannot be changed after account creation.

What is Google AdWords Double Serving policy ?

It means that an advertiser cannot advertise for same keywords/websites from multiple accounts. The purpose of this policy is to avoid showing ads of same companies or companies with common ownership. So the users can see the the ads from different providers. Read more about his here

What do understand by Quality Score ? 

Quality Score is a metric which is calculated for each keyword between 1 to 10. The QS defines the quality of keyword compared with Ads and Landing Page. This metric is used to calculate the AdRank, which is used to calculate the ad position.

What is the impact of Quality score on CPC and Ad Position ?

Quality Score is inversely proportional to CPC and Directly proportional to Ad Position. That means higher QS means lower cost and higher position.

What is Actual CPC ?

The actual cost of a click for an advertiser in an auction. The actual CPC is calculated in realtime and we cannot know the Actual CPC, but we can see Avg. CPC.

Actual CPC = (AdRank to Beat/QS)+$0.01

What Kind of Quality Score you can achieve for keywords ? 

In my past campaigns I achieved the QS of 7 – 10. I can improve the quality score by using optimization techniques in campaign.

What are the Factors which affect Quality Score ?

Quality Score depends on the following metrics

CTR of the Keyword
Relevance of Keywords and Ads
Landing Page Quality
Historic Account Data
How can you Improve Conversion Rates ? 

By creating ads which match perfectly with keywords and creating tightly themed ad groups so we can get targeted users to best landing page. Also by improving the Landing Page quality we can improve the conversions.

Is PPC Advertisement effect ranking of websites on search engines ? 

Never, Search Engine don’t mix them. Google and other search engines rank both organic and ppc results separately

Can you tell me limit of character used for PPC Ads ?

Different Search Engines have different Limit on ads character as for Google you can put maximum 25 for headline and 70 for description 1 and 2 combined.

Part 2
What is your biggest PPC win? [01:42]
You want them to discuss specific metrics, campaign struggles, and their step-by-step process.

What’s Quality Score? [02:06]
They should know that a Quality Score within AdWords is the score Google gives you on the relevancy of your ads to your landing pages. This is key because the higher your quality score is, the lower you pay per click, so your cost per acquisition drops.
Dive deeper and ask them how they increase Quality Scores to see their understanding of the attributes that affect Quality Score.

What tools do you use? [02:44]
You can find out their preferences and assess where their experience lies.
If you need someone to manage lots of campaigns, they need experience using robust tools. Someone more junior might use Power Editor or Google AdWords Editor.

How would you decide which ad platform to start on? [03:23]
Find out their methodology and how much they think you should spend to start with.

What would you do for [example campaign]? [03:58]
Find out how they think they could improve one of your campaigns for more PPC leads. They should discuss negative keywords, relevant ad copies, landing page adjustments, and more specifics on exactly what they’d do.

You can take this one step further by giving them a paid homework assignment with a campaign brief and see what kind of campaign they’re able to put together.



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