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Tips For Off Page Optimization

9:53 PM James Thomas 1 Comments Category :

Basic but powerful tips for Off Page Optimization.

1) Directory Submission : It is the easiest way to get backlinks for your website. It is also known as one way link building. Submit your site to directory in relevant category.

2) Search Engine Submission : Submit your site to different search engines. Search engines crawl your site.

3) Reciprocal Submission : It is also known as two way link building. It's like link exchange.

4) Article Writing And Submission : Write an article to your site niche and submit it to article directory.

5) Blog Commenting : Leave a comment with your main keyword and landing url.

6) Guest Posting : Write a guest post in other blog or site.

7) Forum Posting : Forum posting is the way to get backlinks and traffic for your website.

8) Blog Creation : Create a blog for your website.

9) Blog Posting : Submit your blog in blog directory.

10) Link Exchange : Link exchange to other sites with high page rank.

11) Social Bookmarking : Submit your site to social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit, diigo, technorati, etc.

12) Social Networking : Share your site to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. It is the easiest way to get traffic of your website.

13) Yahoo Answers : It gets traffic of your site.

14) PPT And PDF Creation And Submission : Create and submit your ppt and pdf file in docstoc.com/upload, 4shared.com, easy-share.com, pdfcast.org, doocu.com/pdf, slideshare.net, yudu.com, etc.

15) Image Sharing : Share an image on image sharing sites like photobucket.com, flickr.com, zooomr.com, etc.

16) Video Sharing : create a video for your site and share it to video sharing sites like youtube, photobucket, metacafe, myspace, dailymotion, etc.

17) Press Release : Write a news for your website and submit it to press release sites.

18) Classifieds : It is the way to advertising of your website but it also gets backlinks for your site.

19) Business Listing : It is the way to increase your business and traffic.

20) RSS Feed Creation and Submission : create rss feed for your site with the help of feedburner and submit it to rss feed directory.



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