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US Ranking Tricks 2012

4:20 AM James Thomas 1 Comments Category :

A few highlights from our inquiry

Social media signals show extremely high correlation: 
Social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are frequently associated with good rankings in Google's index.

Too much advertising is detrimental: 
For the first time we are seeing sites with too many advertisements struggling to rank well. However, the problem apparently relates only to AdSense adblocks...

Backlinks are still important but quantity is not the only important thing: even though the number of backlinks is still the most powerful factor, links with stop words and 'nofollow' should also be included in the link-mix.

Brands leverage classic SEO signals: 
Apparently pages with strong brands do not need to be as concerned with the areas of title tags, headings etc. According to our figures, this group operates under different rules.

Keyword domains still frequently attract top results:
Despite all the rumors to the contrary, keyword domains are still alive and well and are often in the top rankings.

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