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Common SEO Mistakes 2013

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Common SEO mistakes:

The Graphic Header of Web Page

Every one want a nice and attractive design for the website and it is possible to design a beautiful website through various beautiful images and graphics. Usually a graphic header is used for a design which is not SEO friendly as, a search engine cannot read images. Often we see a company logo n an image format occupying the whole page width. The upper part of a page is a prime location and we cannot waste it with a big image. Sometimes you see that there is some information or text in the header but, to make it attractive, the designers converts it into an image which is wrong because, search engine cannot make use of it.
Now here is the solution of this case if. If you want to put a logo in the header of your website then use a hybrid approach. You can place the graphic logo at the top of each place but before placing it size it so that it does not occupy the whole page width. At rest of the header width, you can use your text information which is SEO friendly.

Graphic Navigation Menu

Here we have the same issue with graphics. Some people use graphics in the navigation menu which is not good for the ranks of the website. Internal links of the website should contain keywords and those keywords which are in text format, will give an additional advantage to the website in SEO ranking. If you are very much concerned about the looks and design of the website then don’t forget to use ALT attribute for the images which you are going to use as links in the navigation menu.

Hidden Text, A Misleading SEO Technique

When you try to put your keyword with the same color of the background at the same ground, then it is called hidden text. Actually what happens, some people use to put their keyword in the background with the same color so that it is not visible to the users of the website but it is visible to the search engine robots or crawlers. This technique gives an advantage to the owner that he can use keywords everywhere in the body or in the webpage but, the main disadvantage of this technique is not acceptable to the search engines. Use of such techniques may result into penalty or exclusion from the database of the search engine.

One-Pixel Links Are Not Allowed

This is another unacceptable technique in SEO by search engines. Some people use this trick of making a link on a tiny image which is generally one pixel of size. This technique gives a link and not shown to the users but it is not appreciable by the search engines. Your site may be penalizing for this act.

Note: We should use ethical on Page and off page techniques if you want to save yourself of being penalized. A hundred percent true statement. So try to avoid these techniques for your website and focus on ethics of SEO.

So these are some acts which one should avoid while dealing with the technical part of the website.