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Top SEO Techniques For Google Play Store For Android Apps

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Top SEO Techniques For Google Play Store For Android Apps.

There are several ways of promoting Android Apps; any of the usual SEO strategy would work to accomplish the task. There are plenty of ideas available to do the Android Apps promotion. But if you are looking forward to dominate the search via Google play, you might have no idea about how to do it. We do not find any online information regarding the rankings of Google play. Few opinions say that it depends on the number of downloads and others say that it is the number of reviews.


After the analysis of search results of Google play was done by the SEO researchers, the conclusion drawn said that downloads and the reviews are not the only contributing factors in the rankings of Google play. An app has been cited that has just 7 downloads and 7 ratings rank at second place for the keyword “SEO tools”, on the other hand the app that had 26 downloads and 29 rankings was seen at number six. So that proves that these two are not the only factors that count, there has to be a formula that decides the rankings in Google play. After some research the actual factors were spotted out.

SEO Techniques For Google Play

Research and Findings:

If an Android app has to go on high rating in Google play, it doesn’t have to have a lot of ratings and downloads but having a buzz created outside Google play would actually increase the rating.

After looking at the examples, it was found that the major factor that resulted in the higher ranking, is the keyword but again if looked closely towards the search results, this conclusion also did not do justice to be the sole reason of the rankings in Google Play.

After you see and compare the search results, it is clearly obvious that the conventional strategies for the SEO search operation and adding the details of the apps in the popular directories. That would consequently increase the result in the searches. You can scheck example of this SMS collection app, it’s downloads are not so much right noe but it’s ranking well in Google Play right now.


After the analysis was done, it can be that there is the strong relation between the app’s availability in the other directories and the rankings that it shows in Google play. Keeping in view this, we may draw a conclusion that the popularity amongst the social media is the key factor to the increase in the ranking of the Google play.

The main points to be kept in focus are:

  • Inclusion of the keyword creates a huge impact in Google play
  • It is very important to have the presence of the app in the other directories also leads to a huge impact.
  • Its availability for the parent website
  • An updated blog closely dedicated to the app also plays a role.
  • Increase in the number of downloads and popularity in social media also plays an important role.
  • The number of Google plus ones dedicated for the app are very important.
  • The number of tweets
  • The total number of downloads
  • The number of reviews that are received

The dedicated page in the Google play for the app can be considered as the parent website and it can be promoted using usual SEO strategy and later get promoted via social media. At the same time make sure that the app is listed in any of the android app directories as part of SEO. A buzz created outside Google play can also act as a helping tool. It is no different than promoting a website but the primary target here happens to be the Google play page.

Note: Google Play shows newly published apps for 30 days on first page. Not all the time they are on first page, sometimes they are in top apps and after 30 days, there ranking will depent upon the above listed factors.