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Your Blog /Website not cached? Follow these steps

10:53 PM James Thomas 2 Comments Category :

1.Determine whether your site is currently included in Google's index. Go to Google.com, and do a search for your site's URL. In Google's search box, type this in cache:http://sitename.com/ (insert your web address for "sitename.com"). If your search did not find your website or blog, then it is not cached or stored in Google's database.

2.Add your URL to Google. Go to google.com/addurl.html. Next to URL, type in your URL address, and type the Captcha letters  provided for confirmation.Then click "Add URL."
3.Get a link to your website on as many web pages as possible by adding your link to any comments on other blogs and any forums you participate in. Google is constantly searching the Internet, and the more it runs across your link, the higher up your website will appear on its search result pages, increasing your opportunity for traffic.



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