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How to invite all contacts which has @gmail.com to your google chat

10:48 PM James Thomas 0 Comments Category :

I am not using my gmail id. i have moved to new email id. Now it is a pain to add gmail contact to google chat.

I have invited 977 contact to google chat in 10 minute by smart work.
Here is the procedure to do it in smart way,
Go to gmail web interface.

click on contacts,
Search for 'gmail.com'
Now you will get list of all contact who have gmail.com in it
Click on 'select all'
create group - name it 'allgmail'
now to compose mail,
type 'allgmail' and enter
you will fine that all the contact who has gmail.com is listed in TO: field.
now copy all these contact.

Open gedit.
paste it gedit and save file as a.txt

now apply this command.

cat a.txt |  sed -e 's/,/,\n/g' | sed -e 's/".*"//g' | grep  -i @gmail.com > b.txt

This fill filter out unwanted character from a.txt and save into b.txt.

Now open b.txt. you will find all contacts who have @gmail.com in it

you might not be able to invite all contacts at once.. for example when I was trying all 977 contact at once , I was getting error. So I invited 100 contact at a time. for inviting, click on 'add contact' at the bottom of Chat list.

Hope this will help in migration.


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