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Significance And Use Of keyword In Search Engine Optimization

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People who have heard about Search Engine Optimization before, surely they are aware about the term “Keyword”.  A keyword is a term which is used by a search engine for searching relevant web pages. These keywords are researched and planned by webmasters before placing within the website content.

Keyword research is the most crucial activity as ranking for right keywords can make our business but ranking for a negative set of keywords will never be helpful for the business in any way. It is not about getting visitors to your website, it is exactly about getting right kind of potential users to your website.

Keywords and SEO comes together when there is a matter of a successful campaign or for any campaign which is struggling to get good ranks. Proper researched keywords and good quality back links to your websites can make you win the race of ranks. Keyword is the most important item in SEO so it must be focused and well researched.

Here I am discussing some important factors which are essential for a campaign to perform good, better and best among its competitors.

Choose the right keyword for optimization:

As I mentioned above, you should and of course you must come up with those keywords which are relevant to your campaign or to your business. It must be not only relevant but also precise. Let me explain this term with an example. Suppose you deal with buying and selling of old cars. Then you cannot choose a keyword which is just about cars. There are other businesses which directly deal with cars like selling of new cars, mechanics of cars or car garage, car hire services, car decors etc. So to avoid confusion you must choose keywords which indicate your business and only that keywords would generate potential customers to you. For above example we may have keywords which are self explanatory like “old car dealer”, “buy old car”, “sell old car” etc. These are just examples but, if there is a real campaign you would have to keep some factors in your mind like local or global searches or the concept of long tail keywords and geo specific keywords etc. 

Keywords at special places:

A very short rule for SEO experts – the closer a keyword or keyword phrase is to the beginning of a document, it would be more considerable for the search engine. It is highly recommended to use your most precise keyword in the URL.  Reason is, the search engine gives more attention to the URL and specially the domain name and it is quite helpful in boosting up the ranks of your website.

Apart from this I have a list where placing a keyword is a good practice. They are
The title tag
Keywords in links
The ALT attributes in images
Description meta tags
Keywords meta tags
Page title
File names and Directory names

Remember Search engines pay special attention to page text that is highlighted or given special formatting.

Keyword density:

After you have chosen the keywords that are relevant to your and able to describe the site and are of interest to your users, the subsequent step is to make your site keyword-rich and to have good keyword density for your target keywords. Although it is no longer a very important factor in SEO is a common measure of how relevant a page is. The idea is that the higher the keyword density, the more significant to the search string a page is. The recommended density is 3-7% for the major 2 or 3 keywords and 1-2% for minor keywords.