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Basics Of On-Page Optimization

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On-page Optimization is the very first and most important step of SEO. It is a continuous process which enables individual webpages to be found over the internet. Using this process we optimize our webpages for various search engines as Google, Yahoo, bing etc.Basically It deals domain name, titles, meta tags and alt tags.

Parts of On-page optimization

1. Domain Name:- Domain name is the most important thing if you are going to start a business site. you must be very selective while choosing a domain name for your website the domain name must reflect your business.
example: – If I start a business of selling sports things then i might select the domain name as “sportsworld” or ”sportsheaven” etc and any thing that directly relates to my business.

2. Title :- Title is the second important thing. It should be 60-70 characters long. It should be a mixture of the main keywords relates to your site’s nature. As i have given a example of sports company website , then the tilte should be as “shop for your all sports need” or something like this.
there are two way to put tilte on your site , either use  or use Meta title

3. Meta tags :- Meta tags are very important part of on-page optimization. The two most important Meta tags are “Meta keywords” and “Meta description“.

Meta Keywords: All the search engines give value to the meta keywords and this helps in getting very good rank in search engines. each page of your site should be optimized by relevant meta keywords.
Don’t use the keywords which are not related to your website, use only those keywords which are relevant to your website or webpage.

Meta Description: It is the tag where you can keep a short introduction of your site. through this search engines and bots get infromation of your site. different webpages should have different meta description on the same website, this gives a individual value to all of your webpages.

4. Alt Tags:- Alt tags are very important while putting an image on your site. Images are the best way to get a huge amount of traffic but How can a search engine index your image as they read only text.??
The solution is adding “alt tags” to your images. So that search engines index those text which is written under the alt tags of images.

5. Page content :- Last but not the least. The most important thing of the website is its “content”. I think content is the “king” of all I have discussed above because everything works good if you have a killer content on your site. Don’t use copied content on your site. write your content and try to use those keywords which are relevant to your site. make Bold the keywords, It puts an extra impact on search engines



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