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Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting high search placement in the organic or natural listing of search engines. It is a way to get more traffic to a website by achieving a higher ranking in SERP (search engine result page). Tendency is that the higher your ranking in SERP the more searcher can visit your site. It's more like a competition in a market place where you are in front of the customers giving you an advantage against your competitors.

Keyword is a term use to capture the essence of the topic of a particular document. Keywords or key phrases are used to get rich search placement in the search results. There are several free keyword suggestion tool available on internet like Google Adwords Tool, and Wordtracker. You can also subscribed to the paid version and more powerful Wordtracker for better results.

Free SEO Tips and Tricks
NOTE: For more information about HTML codes visit HTML & Templates - Learn HTML tags including form, frames, and tables with help from this free reference.Use keyword or key phrases within the title tag so that the search engine robots will know what your page is all about.Example: The keyword is Free SEO Tips and Tricks

<Title>Free Seo Tips and Tricks</title>  

How long the site has been active. Search engines trust a web site that has been active for a long time over the new ones because the age of the domain shows the credibility of the web site and cannot be faked.You can check it on www.alexa.com or www.who.is for more information about any site. 

Use keyword or key phrases in headline texts. Some search engines give importance to the search terms that appears in the headline texts of the html code of the web page.

Example: The keyword is Free SEO Free Tips, Seo Tips and Tricks

<h1>Free SEO Tips and Tricks</h1>
<h2>SEO Tips and Tricks</h2>
<h3> etc

Use keyword in IMG ALT attributes

<img  alt="image name" src="youimageurl" >