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Google Removes Scam from Autocomplete

12:49 AM James Thomas 0 Comments Category :

It hasn't happened yet – but wishful thinking. The word “scam” is used by your competitors in link building and content efforts (and by manipulating search behavior with Amazon Mechanical Turk) to inject the keyword modifier into your branded search results.

What is Auto-complete?
check this example:

Arm and Defend Yourself
Have some fun with your online reputation management (ORM) campaign. Create funny, goofy, useful, and authentic content on top level domains like Posterous, Tumblr, etc. Use your name as much as you can without annoying the reader. Name your images with you full name, and use ALT and TITLE attributes. Get some fans to your Facebook and Google+ profiles. You get the idea.

For more on this, visit Beat the Auto-complete  a definitive guide to influencing what shows up in Google Search Suggest (or Google Auto-complete . Definitely share your thoughts below.