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Why we should use video Seo for affiliate marketing?

3:04 AM James Thomas 2 Comments Category :

In this article I will cover a repeatable strategy that works quickly and creates results that last over the long term. This system by itself can be turned into a complete business model if you commit to the strategies.

Too often marketers will leave monetization as the last step in their planning. They will do the keyword research, generate content, and work blindly hoping their efforts and the traffic they generate will eventually become profitable.  I find this to be the exact opposite of what needs to be done, start with a plan to make money, and reverse engineer the rest of it from there. You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you always start with the money.

After taking you through all the concepts of making money with video marketing, I will take you by the hand and show you now to create the videos, how to rank the videos, and finally how to land offline clients and sell them leads that your videos generate.

Video SEO vs. Regular SEO

SEO has gone through numerous changes over the last few years making it harder and harder to reliably rank content in the search engines and drive steady traffic.

Thankfully, many of the hardest changes like the well-known ‘panda’ and ‘penguin’ updates did not affect video content. It is tremendously easier to rank videos using ‘old-school’ SEO than it is to rank regular content.

Videos can be ranked in search results almost instantly as opposed to waiting weeks or even months for regular content to rank. There is less competition with video SEO, plus a higher engagement rate with videos than there is with regular content.
…Which are you most likely to click on, the big videos or the boring ‘old-school’ content?

Videos stand out in search results. They generate more click-throughs and of course more traffic than  the regular results that take 10 times as much time and effort to rank.

So why video SEO?

How about:
  • More traffic
  • Less competition
  • Easier to rank for
  • Less effected by Google’s Updates
  • Faster ranking in results
  • Lasting results in search pages

Video is quite simply a no brainer over regular content.